A Few Helpful Guides for #VotingWhileTrans

The US elections are coming up fast on November 3.  With the rise of representation of transgender characters in media as well as the growth of visibility of transgender issues unfortunately comes a lot of backlash. Anti-transgender sentiment has been rising and inspiring various laws designed to target, control, and punish transgender individuals for being out.

GLAAD has previously shared information about how voting while trans in the United States comes with its own barriers - such as issues with voter IDs and possibility of discrimination at the polls.  In light of these obstacles, the National Center for Trans Equality created the step-by-step plan below to help transgender voters in the United States exercise their right.

1) Make sure you’re registered. You can check your registration status super easily with Headcount. If you’re not registered, you can register right there

2) Check what ID your state requires of voters. Headcount has info for every state.  If your state requires ID to vote — and not every state does — make sure you have it.

3) If your state requires ID, make sure your name and address are the same on your ID and voter registration.

Along with their simple guide, NCTE also has a couple reminders that every transgender voter should remember:

1) If your state allows it, sign up to vote by mail! It’s easy, safe, and the most convenient way to vote. You can sign up with Vote America.

2) As we continue to fight restrictive voter ID laws, knowing your rights can help avoid or solve problems at the polls. Find out what your state’s laws are and what to do if your right to vote is challenged at https://transformthevote.org/voting.  

3) If you've changed your name on your driver's license or state ID since the last time you voted, make sure to update your voter registration. Check your registration status at Headcount.