Fast for reform ends; Kate Clinton and Margaret Cho among those sending messages of support

On Thursday a group of immigration activists ended a 22 day fast begun by Eliseo Medina on the Washington Mall in DC.  Throughout the country individuals and organizations sent them messages of support, moved by the solemn sacrifice they had made to get Congress to consider the much needed comprehensive immigration reform bill. 

Entertainers Margaret Cho, Stephanie Noguera and Kate Clinton tweeted that they were there in spirit and urged their many followers to sign the petition asking for reform.


Over the past weeks, the Fast4families tent was visited by Bishop Gene Robinson, President Obama, legislators and community groups like the LGBT Immigrant Rights Coalition.  Mara Kiesling, Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality fasted in solidarity for 7 days. 

Longtime organizer Dolores Huerta will now continue the fast for 24 hours in front of Rep. Kevin McCarthy's office in Bakersfield.

You can continue to support the efforts for reform by sharing holiday themed e-cards to help people know more about the plight of undocumented immigrants, especially those who are LGBT. Share them on Twitter, Facebook and in person. 

You can read more about LGBT participation in the fast here.