Family Circle features its first gay dads

For the first time in the publication's history, Family Circle magazine has published a piece that includes a family with same-sex parents, reported the Huffington Post.

Family Circle, a national women's magazine, has created a new question and answer column, called "A Modern Life," and featured couple Chris and Bob Osner-Hackett with their two daughters and two dogs.

In the new column, the dads answer questions about their famliy. Check out a sample below:

Which three words best capture your family?
Loving, grateful and supportive.

How would you describe your parenting styles?
Bob and I have completely different parenting styles. While we’re both supportive of our girls trying new things, Bob is by far the adventurer while I lean toward measured caution. Chris is the worrier and Bob is the encourager. We share the role of disciplinarian. Our styles, for the most, complement each other.

What is dinnertime like at your home?
Organized chaos—while our goal is to have a sit-down family meal, it doesn’t always go that way. Dinners are often preempted by an 8-year-old that, like daddy, is a picky eater, and a three-and-a-half-year-old who would rather play than eat, and the uncertainty of Chris’s arrival time.

The spread was met with some backlash from a few readers, but Vice President and Editor-in-Chief Linda Fears responded to the criticism:

"We are certainly not the first magazine or media brand to share the story of gay parents," Fears said. "But we will also publish stories on single parents, multi-racial couples, and unmarried couples with kids. People may not like those either, but they are all representative of American family life today."

"Our goal is to be relevant, honest and realistic," she added.

More and more, we are seeing corporations invest in equality. Whether they are standing against bullying and supporting LGBT youth as corporate participants in GLAAD's Spirit Day, representing the LGBT community in advertising, or fostering an inclusive work environment, companies are recognizing that equality is good for business.