Explosive audio: 'Scouts Sunday' pastor calls LGBT activism 'satanic'; compares marriage equality to man-on-dog

This weekend, a man named Pastor Robert Hall will join John Stemberger, Tony Perkins, Gov. Rick Perry, and others at a Family Research Council event called "Stand with Scouts Sunday," part of their ongoing attempt to keep the Boy Scouts discriminatory.  But how far does Pastor Hall's agenda really go?  Is he really just opposed to gay people being involved in Scouting? Or is he opposed to gay people in general? And where does that opposition come from?

Let's listen in.

Clip 1: Marriage equality is "satanic" and to be equated with a man or woman marrying his or her dog or horse; closes with a claim that our "lying agenda" is like that of Nazi Germany:

[SOURCE: Calvary Rio Rancho; 1/13/2013]

Clip 2: The presidential inauguration was "blind people celebrating the agenda of Satan" and represents "four years of the dark shadow of wickedness"

[SOURCE: Calvary Rio Rancho; 1/13/2013]

Clip 3: Is opposed to even the "legalization of sodomy" and wrongly claims that hate crimes legislation prevents people from opposing LGBT people:


[SOURCE: Calvary Rio Rancho; 10/14/2012]

Clip 4: Same-sex marriages are "ridiculous" and "wasn't even accepted in Sodom & Gomorrah;" pastors will supposedly be jailed (or even die) if we legalize marriage equality:

[SOURCE: Calvary Rio Rancho; 10/16/2011]

More clips to come.

For more on our efforts to end the Boy Scouts of America's discriminatory policies against LGBT people and families, visit glaad.org/scouts.


*ALSO: Pastor Hall is semi well known for his campaigns to flout IRS tax guidelines from the puplit.