Exclusive: A Great Big World Releases Cover of Greg Holden’s “Boys in the Street” in Honor of Pride Month

June 24, 2019

In honor of Pride month, Grammy award-winning duo A Great Big World has released a new cover of Greg Holden’s song, “Boys in the Street.” Listen to the exclusive cover below:

A Great Big World’s Chad King, who is openly gay, spoke about why they chose to record this song and why it was so significant this Pride month:

“I remember being on tour with Greg Holden. And during a show he played a song he wrote called ‘Boys In The Street’ and I started crying immediately from it. It resonated so deeply with me. And for the rest of the tour I sat side stage every night when Greg would play that song.

For me, the song reminds me of the shame I felt for over a decade of my life growing up. A time in my life when I was terrified to be my true self. A time when the thought of my true self disgusted me so much I developed a deep sense of homophobia.

And that last verse is a reminder of the moment I finally let go of that shame. ‘He’s finally realized I’m not lying. We sit in silence but we’re smiling. Because for once we are not fighting.’ It’s the moment, for me as a gay man, after you’ve come out and you stop holding on so tight to the idea of what you SHOULD be, and let yourself be exactly as you are.

I feel so pulled to share this with the world because I know this experience is shared with so many others. I hope you enjoy this one. And Greg, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”