Exciting LGBTQ entertainment to look forward to in 2018

We're only a few days into the new year, and there are already many exciting LGBTQ-inclusive films, TV series and comic books to look forward to in the coming months. Here is a small selection of some notable things we're looking forward to, let us know what you're most excited to check out this year!


Coming out in February is Alex Garland’s Annihilation, a science fiction thriller about five women who venture into the mysterious "Shimmer" to find answers about the danger plaguing the Earth. One of the five is Anya Thorenson, played by Gina Rodriguez, who the actress described as “a paramedic from Chicago who happens to be a lesbian and an ex-addict going into the Shimmer to be the hero that she’s kinda always wanted to be.” Having a lesbian as a key ensemble member in a major studio science fiction film is a much needed step toward LGBTQ inclusion in genre properties. Annihilation hits theaters February 23rd. Earlier in February, on the 2nd, A Fantastic Woman will roll out across the country, though the film was officially released in 2017.

The coming-of-age romance Love, Simon will hit theaters this March, distributed by 20th Century Fox. It tells the story of the titular Simon, a closeted gay teenager who finds himself in an email exchange with another closeted boy at his school. Having been described as John Hughes-esque, the film promises the fun and drama seen in teen movies, only this time it revolves around a gay protagonist. Directed by out producer Greg Berlanti, this film will hopefully lead to further mainstream LGBTQ stories for young adults. Love, Simon opens on March 18th.

Musical coming-of-age drama Saturday Church, which hit the festival circuit in 2017, revolves around the character of Ulysses, a 14-year-old queer boy who finds his chosen family. The film follows him as he discovers the “Saturday Church” program for LGBTQ youth. Over the course of the film, Ulysses finds his community and works to find balance within all the different parts of his life. The film features an ensemble that is, significantly, made up of trans people of color who make up the core of this film. Saturday Church will be released in theaters in New York and LA on January 12th, as well as On Demand and Digital. Coming to theaters the same day is the film Freak Show starring Abigail Breslin and Laverne Cox. The film follows Billy, a gay teenager whose family moves to the South, and the drama that follows after he decides to run for homecoming queen at his school.

Disobedience will be released in the U.S. on April 27th, with a UK release in August 2018. The film, from A Fantastic Woman director Sebastián Lelio, follows Ronit (Rachel Weisz) as she returns home to her Orthodox Jewish community in London after the death of her estranged father, a local rabbi. She begins making waves in the town when she shows interest in her childhood friend, Esti (Rachel McAdams).


In December, FX officially ordered a full series of Ryan Murphy's newest project, Pose, which will premiere this summer. eight-episode season will make history with both the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles as well as the largest recurring LGBTQ cast ever for a scripted U.S. TV series. (with over 50+ queer and trans characters!) The series will also give some emerging trans directors an opportunity through directing mentorship as part of Murphy's Half Foundation. The series is set in 1980s New York and looks at several juxtaposing segments of society: ball culture, the literary scene, and the luxury and excess of the newly rich.

"Hollywood has a long history of misrepresenting LGBTQ people of color, especially transgender women, and Pose is primed to change that by showing audiences and the industry that trans stories are powerful, relatable, and entertaining. With Ryan Murphy's smart decision to cast talented trans actors like Angelica Ross in front of the camera, and gifted trans storytellers like Silas Howard and Janet Mock behind the camera and in the writer's room, the show is poised to bring trans inclusion and understanding to the next level," said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.



Created by out Emmy Award-winning writer and actress Lena Waithe, Showtime’s The Chi tells the story of the interconnected lives of a group of people living on the south side of Chicago. The characters range from kids in school trying to talk to their crushes, to young adults trying to make a living and raise a family, to the elders in the community. The show also includes a storyline involving two queer black women, who you can briefly spot in the trailer below. The Chi premieres January 7th at 10pm on Showtime.

CBS’s new crime solving drama Instinct stars out bi actor Alan Cumming as Dr. Dylan Reinhart, a CIA operative who is lured back into his old life when the NYPD need help to search for a serial killer. Dylan is also an openly gay man and his husband Andy, who is also a regular character on the show, is concerned that Dylan is going back to his old ways of putting the job over everything else in his life. Instinct is making history as the first hourlong drama on one of the five broadcast networks to have a gay lead character. Instinct premieres Sunday March 11th, at 8/7c on CBS.

Starz’ upcoming drama Vida is the story of two estranged Latinx sisters who return to rapidly gentrifying East LA after their mother passes away. The show will feature multiple LGBTQ characters, and partially takes place at a lesbian bar. In the casting announcements last year, the network announced that Ser Anzoategui, a Latinx/Chicanx actor, had been cast in the role of Eddy, “a sensitive soul,” and that Maria Elena Laas would portray Cruz, “an enigmatic lesbian” who has a history with one of the main sisters. No premiere date has been announcedyet  for Vida, but there seems to be a lot to look forward to in this LGBTQ Latinx-centric series.


In January, DC will release the first issue of its new miniseries Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles. The six-issue series reimagines Snagglepuss as a gay playwright in the 1950s and talks about relevant social issues of the time as Snagglepuss is investigated under the House Committee of Un-American Activities, as well as dealing with having to hide his sexuality. Find out where to buy issues on DC's website.

The second and third parts of the Legend of Korra comic continuation trilogy will be out this year, Dark Horse will release Turf Wars Volume Two in January and Volume Three in June. In part two, Korra struggles to balance her responsibilites as the Avatar, protection of the spirit portal, and helping her friends as a new political symbol. With the lives of Republic City's residents at risk, what decisions will she make? Korra and Asami came out to Korra's parents and several of their friends at the end of Volume One. We look forward to seeing what is next for the couple.

Check, Please!, the most crowdfunded web comic on Kickstarter, is finally getting published as a graphic novel beginning in 2018. The comic revolves around Eric "Bitty" Bittle, the newest member of the Samwell University hockey team, who is learning to be himself (a figure skater, expert baker, and budding vlogger) while also making friends with the bros on his team. The webcomic has been building the romance between Bitty and teammate Jack Zimmermann, which is continuing to develop as Jack moves into the major leagues, and keeps fans clicking refresh in hopes of a new update.  First Second books will publish the first volume of Check, Please! in Fall 2018, and the second in Fall 2019.

Let us know... which projects are you most excited about in 2018?