Everyone is stressed and anxious. Restore emotional health with #glaadinstitute alumni

As people across the country and world prepare to hunker down for the rest of April, the latent anxiety caused by the pandemic is starting to set in. Thankfully, several #GLAADInstitute alumni have some fantastic suggestions for how to make sure you are taking care of yourself and your emotions, even in quarantine.

Mitch Lippman
Mitch Lippman, a GLAAD Media Institute alum who attended workshops in Union County, NJ, held an hour long coaching session for LGBTQ adults on March 20th. The session focused on business and work, but also included other conversations about wellbeing during this crisis. Mitch also does business consulting in his professional life, and you can learn more about his work with the Mitch Lippman Group here.

Gregory Canillas

Gregory Canillas, a GLAAD Media Institute alum who attended workshops in Los Angeles, is the President and CEO of Soul 2 Soul, LLC. Soul 2 Soul is dedicated to helping people navigate relationships with one another, and to be better able to communicate. Soul 2 Soul offers various retreats, and also offers counseling to anyone looking to improve their relationship and maintain emotional health—very helpful in high-stress situations like a quarantine. You can see an example of Gregory's work above

Brooklyn Riepma
Brooklyn Riepma/GLAAD
Brooklyn Riepma is a GLAAD Campus Ambassador, from Boise State University. Brooklyn wrote a piece for NPR, titled What Some People Are Doing To Fill The Social Distancing Space, which shares some tactics people are using to make sure they are staying connected and entertained even when staying home. Some activities people are pursuing? Singing, playing board games, using household objects as toys, and more. Take a look at Brooklyn’s piece for some ideas on how to stay entertained.

Louis Chesney
Louis Chesney
Louis Chesney, a GLAAD Media Institute alum from New York City, is a Manager at Rethink, a company dedicated to improving the quality of education for all students. Louis shared that Rethink currently has a toolkit specifically made for the Covid-19 crisis, to help parents and educators promote mental health in a time when students are staying home. You can take a look at Rethinks Covid-19 toolkit here.

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