Every LGBT and Ally Vote Counts! - Get Ready to Vote!

On November 6, voters across the country will turn out to the polls to decide the fate marriage equality as well as other key ballot issues that affect LGBT Americans.  In just one week, voters in Maryland, Maine and Washington  will have the opportunity to become the first states to approve marriage equality by voter referendum. Minnesota, is voting to defeat a constitutional amendment that bans marriage equality within the state.

In addition to raising visibility around the impact marriage equality will have on countless LGBT families in and out of these states four states, GLAAD has also been working in partnerships with NCTE to elevate the voices of transgender Americans who this year face an unprecedented up-hill-battle trying to vote as a result of new voter-ID laws.

#LGBT and Ally voters need to be ready to vote!

During this week-long build-up to Election Day, GLAAD will be sharing information concerning marriage equality votes in each of the states, along with information to make sure all voters know their rights when trying to exercise their right to vote.  

What can you do?

Visit GLAAD’s voting page to familiarize yourself with the issues.

Visit GLAAD’s pages for Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, and Voter ID for the latest updates.

Use Groundswell’s Friends and Family Plan to reach out to people you know, urging them to vote for LGBT equality. There is still time to convince voters that equality is the right way to vote. You will be most effective with a personal contact with someone who knows you well.

Share informational graphics on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social network sites to make sure voters in each state know how to vote for LGBT equality. Ballot language is different in each state, which can be confusing for voters.

Share videos that support marriage equality. GLAAD will be promoting videos from each of the states.

Voting while trans

Stories and supporters in all the states

Google Employees support equality

Carrie and Rebecca


Visit the GLAAD Blog each day for updates.

With your help, we can help make this country more just and fair for LGBT people. We need every #LGBT and Ally voter to exercise their right to vote in every state, even as we place a special emphasis on marriage equality votes in Minnesota, Maryland, Maine, and Washington. Please vote in your state, and encourages others to vote for equality as well. Polls are incredibly close, and it will come down to whoever shows up to vote in the election.

We look forward to celebrating a time when LGBT lives are not subject to public referendum. Until that time, we will work for equality.