"Eurovision" Host Johnny Weir: Ukraine performing on the show will “bring light to their country that is dealing with so much darkness.”

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos was joined by Olympic figure skater and the new host of Eurovision, Johnny Weir. Weir is thrilled to be a part of the world’s largest live music song competition that has produced some of the biggest stars in history like ABBA and Céline Dion. 

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Weir is a self-professed super fan of Eurovision calling the show “the gay superbowl,” and shared that “it’s all about inclusivity and celebrating individuality.” He says that he’s been a superfan since 2006 when his friend Evgeni Plushenko performed on the show. He also talks about how he’s even performed to songs from Eurovision while competing in figure skating competitions.  

In a candid conversation, Weir breaks down the politics behind the music competition and reveals that Ukraine is expected to win this season “by a landslide.” Weir says that “it will be amazing to get to see them perform and bring light to their country that is dealing with so much darkness.” Having Ukrainian culture celebrated on such a large platform will remind the world “that Ukraine still stands.” 

Weir hopes that we take “any chance that we have to celebrate somebody of Ukrainian descent,” by supporting “a Ukrainian athlete competing, or an artist performing on stage, or in a film, or designing clothes.” He goes on to say that “we want the world to be there for us when we fall and we have to be there for them as well.”

Weir reflects on the time he spent living in Russia. “I’ve spent a lot of time in Russia. I speak Russian, I’ve lived there, I’ve trained there, worked with Russian coaches, I have so many friends there, I’m an admirer of Russian culture. But politics there, even in America, have always been a problem for me. This is something that is so hideous that Putin is doing… I don’t think I could ever return and support a regime that starts such an unnecessary war and kills so many people, just blindly.” He goes on to say how unfortunate it is because he has “life long friends” living in the country, but what their leaders are doing is “unforgivable.” 

While talking about his personal favorite acts including Italian pop stars Blanco and Mahmood, Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs, and Monika Liu of Lithuania, Weir said that “it’s a competition to celebrate diversity and individuality and talent and bravery… honestly you should root for everybody!” 

Weir also discussed his “full fangirl” interaction with beloved queer actress Sarah Paulson at the same New York City bar he happened to run into Sir Elton John at in the past. 


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Eurovision’s grand finale is premiering this Saturday and fans can catch up all this week exclusively on Peacock.