Equality NC Responds to Anti-Gay Amendment One With New Action Campaign

Following the vote on North Carolina’s Amendment One that approved a ban on marriage equality and civil unions for same-sex couples in the state, the Equality North Carolina Action Fund has launched a new campaign aimed at raising funds to support pro-equality political candidates the upcoming election. The campaign is called the “Payback Challenge,” and its goals are outlined by the many North Carolinians featured in the campaign’s video, “It’s Politics.”

Reflecting on the Amendment One vote, the voices in the video say,

“It was politics; not the heart of North Carolina, not our future, and not who we really are…Equality NC’s PAC has identified the most promising opportunities this election. These are the races we can win. We can replace these legislators with allies and slowly we can change the makeup of the General Assembly so they don’t get the chance to do this again. There’s simply no more effective way for us to move forward.”

You can watch the campaign video below: