Equal Future wants your story about LGBTQ equality for the Synod on Young People

A new campaign, Equal Future, is an international humanitarian campaign seeking to raise awareness about damage done to children around the globe as a result of negative viewpoints on the LGBTQ community. Equal Future brings together one of the largest coalitions of LGBTQ and LGBTQ faith groups from across the globe, including organizations and individuals spanning six continents.

The Equal Future campaign’s goals include:

  • To raise awareness of how damage is done to children when they are given the sense that to be LGBTQ would be a misfortune or a disappointment
  • To change behavior as a consequence of that understanding so that, around the world, the damage stops
  • To help the leadership of the Catholic Church understand the damage that is done ahead of their global meeting, and to play their part

The campaign strives to take advantage of the upcoming Synod on Young People, hosted by the Catholic Church this coming October. The Catholic Church has asked for feedback from people of all faiths (and none) regarding young peoples’ experiences with social or religious exclusion. The Equal Future campaign calls on the Synod to consider the damage done to young people as a direct result of the Catholic Church’s anti-LGBTQ teachings and practices.

There are a few ways you can get involved with the Equal Future campaign:

  1. Take The Pledge: Pledge to never give a child or young person the feeling that being LGBTQ would be a misfortune or a disappointment.
  2. Contact Your Delegate: Your voice matters. Contact your delegate to share your story and help accelerate acceptance.
  3. Volunteer: Help the Equal Future campaign by hosting an event, becoming a social media ambassador, and helping to reach out to your own community.
  4. Share Your Story: Your story matters. Make sure our children and young people never feel that being LGBT would be a misfortune or disappointment.  

For more information on the Synod on Young People, click here, and for more information about the Equal Future campaign, click here.