Entertainment Weekly Readers Vote Glee's Kurt and Blaine "Greatest TV Couple of All Time"

Entertainment Weekly announced today that Glee's gay couple, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson (Chris Colfer, Darren Criss), are the "Greatest TV Couple of All Time" as voted by EW.com readers. More than 150,000 votes were cast in the final bracket matchup between Kurt and Blaine and the Doctor and Rose from Doctor Who. Other same-sex couples that didn't make it as far in EW's bracket included Brothers & Sisters' Scotty and Kevin and Buffy's Willow and Tara.

Kurt and Blaine, or Klaine as some fans call them, have broken new ground as an out teen couple on primetime broadcast television. They are positioned as one of Glee's leading couples and the audience has watched their relationship develop from first meeting to first kiss to first breakup as they deal with the same dramatic ups and downs as the show's other couples.

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