'Empire' creator Lee Daniels releases casting call for transgender actress

Lee Daniels, the co-creator of Empire, is looking to cast a trans actress in role of "Cotton" for an upcoming project. Reportedly titled Star, the pilot set to priemere on Fox, follows three young women, hoping to make it big in the music industry, and the challenges they face along the way. It will showcase the allure and heartache of the cut-throat music scene, but also will explore cultural themes from a new perspective.

A description for the character can be found below:

[COTTON] A half African American and half Latina transgender woman, 20, with a stunning look. Cotton has an African American mother – Miss Carlotta who owns the beauty salon where she and the girls work – and an unknown Latino father. Audiences will not initially realize that Cotton is a transgender woman. She’s grown up in the salon, studying hair and makeup, and the way women dress. She has an especially keen eye for fashion, and she will become the girls’ personal assistant, shaping their look in performance. Cotton harbors dreams of becoming a star herself, and she’s already connected in the Atlanta music scene. Cotton will be the girls’ bridge between the religious Miss Carlotta, their surrogate mother, and the down and dirty but totally fabulous Atlanta nightlife.

Those interested are asked to please submit a self-tape with your name, height and a short monologue to search4cotton@gmail.com.