Emmy nominee contenders Trace Lysette and Alexandra Grey celebrate Pride with AT&T's Live Proud Campaign

Trace Lysette and Alexandra Grey, actresses and activists, have shown their support for AT&T's Live Proud campaign with their own powerful takes on AT&T's We Are Bold photo series. Lysette and Grey are most known for their trailblazing roles in the three-time GLAAD Media Awards winner for Outstanding Comedy Series, Transparent. The two are also considered hopefuls for Emmy Award nominations. Both were submitted for consideration for their work on Transparent and Grey was also nominated for her work on Comedy Central's Drunk History. 

To join Trace Lysette and Alexandra Grey in the Live Proud campaign, AT&T is inviting queer folk and allies to post what “We Are Bold” means to them on their social channels using #ATTLiveProud or #WeAreBold. For every mention between June 1 and July 31, AT&T will make a $1 donation to GLAAD up to $50,000.


Discussing her character in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lysette says she felt a “deep responsibility to get it right as a trans woman who has tried to navigate love in a world that tells you there’s no space for you”.  AT&T’s We Are Bold theme recognizes and works towards the need to be able to confidently and safely take up space and celebrates the strength that comes with doing so. 


In a revealing interview with ScreenCrush, Grey expresses the extra work trans people of color actors need to put in to see comparable success,

"when I say [I have to work] twice as hard, for me I have to work three times as hard because I’m a black actress, [and] I’m a black trans actress. I’m not only competing against black actresses in the business, which the competition is already very tough, but now as a trans actor I’m fighting to even be seen or even be considered for certain roles".  


Earlier this month, GLAAD and Screen Crush collaborated on Why Hollywood Needs Trans Actors, a video featuring both Grey and Lysette.  Hollywood has a history of misrepresenting trans characters and relying on irresponsible tropes, while often even failing to cast trans actors in these roles. “You know we’re real people, right?” asks Alexandra Grey in response to the dangerous cliches typically presented in the rare chance there is a trans character.  GLAAD's Studio Responsibility Index found that in 2016, only one trans character featured in a major feature film.  When the media is often the only exposure the majority of people have with transgender people, Hollywood must be more careful in considering just how the perception of the trans community is shaped and indeed distorted by the near invisibility of trans characters.  An Emmy nomination for either of the talented actresses would be monumental, it would be bold, and it would be long overdue. 

The groundbreaking efforts of transgender actresses and the groups that support them play an essential part in ensuring the transgender community at large have the visibility and nuanced representation necessary for further progress. You can watch the Transparent cast build upon this in their call for unity at the 28th GLAAD Media Awards below:


Fans of Live Proud can also enter the AT&T Live Proud Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to NYC and attend a live taping of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live!" To enter visit: www.att.com/liveproud.


AT&T is dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace and being the employer, service provider and business associate the LGBTQ community recognizes and thinks of first | You can watch Trace Lysette in Transparent on Amazon Prime.