Emily Rios talks about her role on The Bridge and being an out Latina actress

Emily Rios, a Mexican-American actress on Fox's The Bridge, reflects on her role in an article on After Ellen and the influence she is able to have on her character's story arc in After-Ellen-coming out in the process. This will be The Bridge's second season, Ms. Rios's character will now be a regular character. Rios looks forward to showing her character's sexuality as just one part of the story now that the "coming out" storyline was completed in season one.

Rios also talked about the difference between her character on the show, Adrianna, compared to Rios' own life when it comes to family acceptance. She notes that Adrianna faced a mom who was ashamed, embarrassed and rejected her, while in real life Rios' family went through an initial period of concern about what her life would be like, but then became supportive. This reflects information from various polls that show that family wins out in Latino communities who are increasingly supportive of their LGBT members.

Rios' early credits include the movie Quinceanera, which won a GLAAD Media award in 2007.