Elvis Duran and the Morning Show brings #SpiritDay to music lovers across the country

Elvis Duran, famed radio host of the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, once again spread the message of Spirit Day across airwaves in over 70 markets, sending support to millions of LGBT youth across the country in a united stand against bullying. For weeks, Elvis -- who served as a Spirit Day Ambassador this year, helping make Spirit Day bigger and better than ever -- has been encouraging listeners to wear purple for Spirit Day and show their support for LGBT young people.

"With Elvis' help, Spirit Day reached tens of millions of young people all across the country," said GLAAD's Acting President Dave Montez. "Elvis' support has been critical to not only the success of Spirit Day, but to GLAAD's yearround work to build support for equality through the power of the media."

Elvis and his crew also featured a special Spirit Day tee in the show's official store, with all proceeds benefitting GLAAD's work to build support for equality. The tees, which quickly sold out, were also featured in a video Elvis and the Morning Show posted to Facebook and Twitter, expressing their support for Spirit Day and asking others to participate. Take a look:

"All of our show members are united and thrilled to wear purple and support Spirit Day," says Elvis. "The dialogue about anti-bullying and acceptance is an important piece of our overall agenda. Thank you, GLAAD, for providing focus on this serious human rights issue."

Elvis also shared his support for Spirit Day throughout the day on Thursday, helping boost hashtag #SpiritDay to trend in the U.S.!

Since coming out as gay and taking a stand against anti-LGBT hate on his program in 2010, Elvis has worked with many LGBT organizations, including Rosie's Theater Kids, Robin Hood Foundation, Rock and Rawhide, and, of course, GLAAD.

Founded in 2010, Spirit Day is an international, united stand against bullying and show of support for LGBT teens and young adults everywhere. Participants can get into the spirit by

  • Turning your Facebook, Twitter and other profile photos purple at www.glaad.org/spiritday and spreading the word by using hashtag #SpiritDay
  • Wearing purple today, October 17, and encouraging classmates or coworkers to do the same
  • Uploading photos of you wearing purple to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr using hashtag #SpiritDay and Spirit Day graphics
  • Downloading the Spirit Day App
  • Educating your friends and family about bullying and the LGBT community
  • Getting your school, GSA, organization, etc. to become a Spirit Day partner

Take a look at who else is participating at www.glaad.org/spiritday