Ellen DeGeneres and celebrities keep the pressure on Bermuda as repeal of marriage equality moves forward

Last month, Bermuda became the first national territory ever to strip away the right to marry when the island reversed the Supreme Court of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda ruling in May 2017 that legalized marriage equality. Most recently, the marriage equality repeal was delayed for three months. This delay has been connected, in part, to the island’s lucrative tourism industry, according to Bermuda’s Minister of Home Affairs, who said, “Commencement [of the repleal] has been delayed to allow for any same-sex marriages that have licenses already issued and have been scheduled to be conducted in Bermuda, or on-board Bermuda-registered ships, to actually take place.”

GLAAD has called for business and tourism leaders to speak out against the repeal. The tourism industry has contributed $431 million to the island's economy in 2017, up 20% from 2016, according to a report from The Research and Business Intelligence team of the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

In the words of GLAAD's President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis: “It is now imperative for international businesses that play major roles in Bermuda’s economy, such as cruise lines and the travel industry, to make their voices heard These brands and their business leaders should demonstrate true leadership and stand for those customers they’ve courted by helping to combat this harmful decision.”

This week Ellen DeGeneres spoke out against the repeal, announcing she would be canceling a vacation. Other celebrities and influencers including Tegan and Sara and Patricia Arquette, have also spoken out:

Join the call and make your voices heard! Tweet your own message about this attack on LGBTQ rights, retweet Ellen and amplify those who have spoken out, and visit Same Love Bermuda's CrowdJustice page for more information.