El Paso, we stand with you as we find ways to channel pain and rage into action

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August 3, 2020

In El Paso, a year ago, 23 people were killed in a mass shooting—and the victims were targeted because they were Latinx. It is described as the deadliest attack on Latinx people in modern American history. GLAAD stands beside organizations like Voto Latino every day in working to empower Latinx folks. Today we join togoether to remember those murdered in El Paso and to honor the strength and resilience of El Paso. 

Today, Voto Latino will host a coversation "Rise Above Hate," at 4:30 ET on their Facebook page. Go to VotoLatino.org/elpaso, for more on how to help. One of the ways to be empowered now is to plan how we will register and, later, vote. The COVID-19 pandemic makes planning more necessary than ever, but, as Voto Latino points out, most states allow mail-in voting and you can order your ballot now. California will be sending a ballot to every registered voter. Early voting is also a good option in many places.

Please register yourself and help others to vote this November. Now more than ever, says the organization, we need leaders who will fight with us to abolish racism and keep our communities safe.

"One year ago, a man fueled by hate and prejudice killed 23 people, injured 23 more and left hundreds of family members and friends bereft. As a country, we have to do so much more to stop gun violence, often perpetrated by people acting on their prejudices," said Monica Trasandes, Director of Spanish-Language & Latinx Media & Representation at GLAAD. "The people of El Paso were targeted because the gunman wanted to kill Latinx people. Gun violence, racism, anti-Latinx and anti-immigrant prejudice are screaming to be addressed in this country. Today, GLAAD mourns with you El Paso, and tomorrow we will work to make sure your pain is not forgotten and that your voices are heard everywhere, starting with the ballot box."

"At Women Against Gun Violence, our motto is ballots stop bullets," said Deborah Gitell, a board member of the Los Angeles-based Women Against Gun Violence. "We all have to get registered and help register people who may feel that their vote does not matter. Since the 2018 elections, there were 110 gun bills introduced, a few passed the house and only one was made into law. The apathy of our federal lawmakers is killing us."

Visit glaad.org/action to learn more about how to register and get a ballot ahead of the election.