Eisha Love is serving jail time for defending herself while other Chicago trans women are being attacked

The Windy City Times is taking an in-depth look into the case of Eisha Love, a 26-year old transgender woman who has been sitting in a maximum security men's prison for over two years for fleeing for her life in self-defense. On the morning of March 28, 2012, while stopping at a gas station, Eisha Love and a friend were accosted with a barrage of anti-trans epithets which led to an altercation. The men called for reinforcements while the two women fled in a car. They were being chased by men on foot and in a vehicle when Eisha lost control of the car and struck one of the men leading to a severe leg injury.

Eisha went to the police station to report the attack, but instead of investigating, the police booked her on aggravated assault. The charges against her have since been upgraded to attempted murder.

There has been a rash of murders of transgender women of color in Chicago since this incident. Less than a month after Eisha's arrest, another young trans woman was found dead; and a third trans woman was stabbed to death a few months after that. According to local advocates and journalists, the Chicago Police have not made a link between these three killings and have not investigated any further. Meanwhile, Eisha sits in a men's prison for defending herself.

This case is eerily similiar to CeCe McDonald's, who was also charged with a crime after defending herself and surviving a transphobic attack. 

You can read more about Eisha's story and show your support by signing this Change.org petition, urging the Cook County Department of Corrections to release her. 

GLAAD will have more on this story.