Edith Windsor nominated for 2013 TIME Person of the Year

It's about that TIME again-- when the editors of TIME select the Person of the Year, the public figure who has has most influenced the news in the past year "for better or for worse."  In recent years, People of the Years have included Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, and Mark Zuckerberg.  This year, Edith Windsor is on TIME's short list for 2013 Person of the Year, for bringing her case for marriage equality all the way to the Supreme Court, and successfully taking down the Defense of Marriage Act.

Edie is one of two openly LGBT candidates for TIME's Person of the Year, joined by swimmer Diana Nyad.  The success of her Supreme Court case made history, making 2013 an especially momentous year for the LGBT movement.  Recently featured as one of the Jewish Daily Forward 50, Edie has quickly become an icon for the national LGBT community, as well as social change more broadly.

Though the Person of the Year is ultimately decided on by TIME's editors, TIME offers a poll for people to offer their input.  The title, and its accompanying special TIME issue, aims to reflect back on the year's biggest news headlines, and the people from around the world who made them.  Although it has honored some people for their accomplishments, such as AIDS researcher David Ho (1996) and civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr. (1964), the title has also been conferred upon the year's most controversial figures-- you can decide for yourself who those might be.  To shake things up, the Person of the Year has occasionally been more abstract, like when 2006's Person of the Year was "You."  The title has been around since 1928, beginning with Charles Lindbergh.

So far, the candidates leading the polls are Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğa, Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and... well... Miley Cyrus, who currently holds 20.2% of votes.  You can give your input by voting on TIME's website, or by tweeting who you think should be 2013's Person of the Year with the hashtag #TIMEPOY.  The 2013 Person of the Year will be announced on December 6.