Ecuadorian monsignor's hateful statements in wake of President's support of relationship recognition

In Ecuador, LGBT advocates are reacting to statements from one of the country's leading Catholic authorities, Monsignor Arregui who called recognition of diverse families a distortion of the [institution of the family] and LGBTI activism "a virus that is penetrating into the justice system in our country."

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa recently came out in support of relationship recognition although not full marriage equality. After a meeting in late August with LGBT advocates, Correa spoke out in a discourse in which he addressed anti-transgender crimes and workplace discrimination among other topics.

Correa has in the past been extremely opposed to marriage equality. Transgender and feminist advocate Diane Rodriguez told ThinkProgress the new resolution is “a huge step forward” for the country.

“It’s been a slow process,” said Rodriguez, “but we have to give thanks for what we have achieved.” Correa mentions Rodriguez in his speech which he made after meeting with advocates.