Dr. Ruth Westheimer's long-standing support for the LGBTQ community is highlighted in 'Ask Dr. Ruth'

Ask Dr. Ruth, a new documentary following the life of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, premiered to strong reviews at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival this past January. Filmed on the eve of the media icon's 90th birthday, the film highlights Dr. Ruth's long-standing commitment to accelerating LGBTQ-acceptance.

In the ’80s, Dr. Ruth stood up for gay men at the height of the AIDS epidemic and spoke out loudly for the LGBTQ community at a time when it wasn’t popular for media figure allies to do so publicly. 

GLAAD has your exclusive first look at a clip from Ask Dr. Ruth, which highlights Dr. Ruth's media activism. 

Ask Dr. Ruth premieres in theaters on Friday, May 3rd, and on Hulu on June 1st.