Don't Miss It: Latinx & LGBTQ stories on TV & Film

Check out these LGBTQ-inclusive TV shows, films and interviews en español. Enjoy! Varios segmentos de programas de televisión, novelas, y películas que incluyen temas y/o personas or personajes LGBTQ. Disfruta!

El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca, the coming of age spin off that follows the fan-favorite love story of “Aristemo" (Aris and Temo), makes its U.S. premiere on Tuesday, August 13, at 9 p.m. ET PT/8 p.m. CT.  

La Reina del Sur hit a ratings high as it wrapped its second season which included a high-profile same-sex couple. If you missed it, check out to catch up on Alejandro and Danilo.





Check out this interview with Tanya Saracho on Ojo Crítico con Juan Carlos Arciniegas on CNNE, in which she discusses her show Vida, sexuality, the female gaze, and much more.

Al Punto con Jorge Ramos, on Univision, featured an interesting discussion with Isabella Gómez of One Day at a Time and author Julissa Arce, who do an excellent job explaining the importance of the term Latinx and defining LGBTQI. The discussion addresses how to adopt the term Latinx into your English and Spanish vocabulary and how the term is pushing for the inclusivity and visibility of non-binary people.


Queer Mexican film This Is Not Berlin, which debuted at Sundance earlier this year, opened in NYC and opens in LA on Aug. 23rd. The Advocate has an interview with director Hari Sama.

If you're looking for shows en español to stream, the Netflix show Tijuana, about the brave journalists at a weekly magazine covering the murder of a politician, included the character of Malu (Teté Espinoza), a photo journalist whose story was important and impactful.

And premiering Aug. 16 on Spanish streaming platform Pantaya, is a new show, El Juevo de las Llaves. Set in modern day Mexico City, the series follows four couples in long-term, monogamous relationships who experiment with swinging. The show premieres on and is in Spanish with English subtitles.