D.L. Hughley Breaks Up with Chick-Fil-A

Actor and comedian D.L. Hughley parted ways with Chick-Fil-A publicly through a break-up letter published on The Huffington Post.  In his open letter Hughley shares his love with the fast food chain but decides to put an end to their relationship saying the two are growing in different directions.

“Don't get me wrong. I support Mr. Cathy's right to think what he wants and vote however he sees fit. But like the Good Book says, we need sanctuaries in this world, places where a man can go to escape his thoughts. That used to be you,” said Hughley in his break-up note. “Now I have to wonder if I'm doing the right thing when I step inside your doors, if I am subsidizing perspectives that I am vehemently opposed to.”

D.L. Hughley first shared his thoughts on Chick-fil-A’s stance during an episode of The View during which he told Elizabeth Hesselbeck the donations to anti-gay groups by the fast food were difficult for him to accept as he disagreed with their position, but loved their food.

Since 2003, Chick-fil-A has given more than $5 million to anti-LGBT organizations, including The Family Research Council, which the Southern Poverty Law Center deems a “hate group.” Additionally, Chick-fil-A has donated to groups that promote so-called “ex-gay therapy,” a practice both debunked and deemed as harmful by nearly every major medical and mental health authority in the country.

Many around the country have spoken out against Chick-fil-A’s donations to anti-gay organizations.  Marci Alt and her wife Marlysa worked with GLAAD last week to ask Chick-fil-A President and COO Dan Cathy to have dinner with their family.  Marci started a Change.org petition to introduce Mr. Cathy to the people he is hurting. You can show Marci your support and sign her petition here.

To read D.L. Hughley’s break-up letter in its entirety, click here.