Diversity of American Gay Men Celebrated in New Book

Tomorrow, New York-based photographer Scott Pasfield will release a ground-breaking photography book that chronicles the modern life of gay men across the United States. The product of a three-year journey around the country, Pasfield’s book Gay in America features portraits of gay men from all 50 states that represent a range of social, professional, ethnic, socio-economic and religious experiences.

GLAAD recently spoke to Pasfield about the project and his motivations behind it.

“I wish there was a book like this when I was growing up and that is why I did it, really,” Pasfield said. “I wanted to know that I could live wherever I chose, in any place, in any state, in any situation, in any city, in any town, and do whatever I wanted.”

(Read more of the interview here or read the GLAAD blog post)

GLAAD is excited to see the honest and heartfelt representation of gay men in Gay in America and congratulates Pasfield for seeking out stories from a diverse range of people.

Gay in America is published by Welcome Books and can be purchased from Barnes and Noble stores, Amazon.com, and Shop Indie Bookstores.

For more information about the book or about Pasfield please visit their websites.