Discovery Life Channel announces series telling the stories of trans women in Kansas City

The Discovery Life Channel, a new Discovery Communications network set to launch in January 2015, announced its first program today: a series about trans friends and couples in Kansas City.

THOSE GIRLS (working title) follows a diverse group of trans women through their daily lives. The series focuses on four pairs of friends and couples: Macy and Sharon, a married couple continuing to grow together during Macy's transition; Kassidy and Chloe who are sharing the experience of transitioning together; Robyn and Andrew, longtime best friends who started dating following Robyn's transition; and couple Tanya and Jaime who are struggling with child-related issues with Tanya’s ex-wife.

 “THOSE GIRLS embodies what Discovery Life Channel is meant to be – a place for people from all walks of life to have their stories told without a filter, and I am thrilled that this is the first series we’re announcing as our own,” said Jane Latman, General Manager of Discovery Life Channel. “No manufacturing, no scripts, no concocted storylines, THOSE GIRLS is an inspiring, surprising, and entertaining look at an amazing group of women who just happen to be transgender.” 

THOSE GIRLS will share the daily lives of these five trans women as they navigate relationships, families, employment and friendship as they transition to being their true selves. The series is scheduled to premiere in March 2015.