Disciples of Christ resolve to welcome all in General Assembly resolution

After the 2013 Disciples of Christ General Assembly, the church has released a resolution stating that the church is committed to welcoming all to their congregations. Titled "Becoming a People of Grace and Welcome to All," resolution GA-1327 states that Disciples of Christ, "a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world," has been called to welcome others as they feel they have been welcomed by God.

In a video from the church, a member of the Disciples of Christ explains that any member who is a member of one of their congregations is welcomed as a member of the church as a whole.

In order to clarify the purpose of the resolution, the video explains that both conservative members of the church and LGBT members have reported not always feeling welcome, and the point of the resolution is to not to "accept one group at the detriment of another," but to welcome all to the church.

GLAAD commends and congratulates the Disciples of Christ on passing this resolution for the betterment of their church community and the affirmation of LGBT brothers and sisters within their church.