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#SouthernStories: Ryan Peterson talks homelessness, recovery, and living with HIV

Georgia-native, Ryan Peterson, talks LGBT homelessness and the role Lost-n-Found Youth played in his own journey to recovery in interview with GLAAD.Read More petition aims to put Greg Louganis on the Wheaties box

Dive into your day by supporting the petition to put Greg Louganis on the Wheaties boxRead More

Bold social media campaign spotlights struggle for global LGBTI safety, acceptance #WhereLoveIsIllegal

Bold social media campaign, #WhereLoveIsIllegal, accelerates acceptance for LGBTI people across borders through stunning portraits and chilling testimonies of discrimination. Read More

Mississippi LGBT advocate to GLAAD: "Intersections are where work really needs to happen in the South"

Mississippi advocate Knol Aust talks LGBT acceptance in the Deep South and the future of the LGBT movement after marriage equality in exclusive interview with GLAAD.Read More

Cara Delevingne to the New York Times: "My sexuality is not a phase"

Cara Delevingne proudly affirms in the New York Times that being attracted to more than one gender "is not a phase."Read More

CNN interviews Catholic educator who was fired for being a lesbian #StandWithMargie

CNN's Michael Smerconish interviewed Margie Winters about her termination at a Philadelphia Catholic school after a parent discovered and complained about her marriage to a woman.Read More

Aftermath of earthquake in Nepal hits LGBT community hard

Nepal's LGBTI community seeks relief after devastating earthquake on April 25th.Read More

Episcopal Church supports marriage equality in historic vote

78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church votes to create LGBT-inclusive reforms nationwide.Read More
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