Delaware set to become 11th state with marriage equality

Today the Delaware senate passed marriage equality with a vote of 12-9. Governor Jack Markell has vowed to sign the bill which will make Delaware the eleventh state in the country to pass marriage equality. The bill was passed onto the senate after the Executive Committee voted to advance it 4-3 last week.

"We are thrilled that Delaware will become the eleventh state in the country to extend marriage equality to all committed couples," said GLAAD Spokesperson Wilson Cruz. "This legislation sends the clear message that all of Delaware's couples and their families should have equality under the law. GLAAD is especially thankful to Equality Delaware for its tireless work to ensure full marriage rights throughout the state. GLAAD reminds the media to focus coverage of the bill on the loving couples and families strengthened by its passage."

On Monday, Equality Delaware highlighted one such family. Jon and Rob have been together for 19 years and are raising two sons together. Though they got married in Massachusetts, their marriage is not recognized in their home state. They testified before the Delaware General Assembly.

"For our children, marriage means that their parents will have the same dignity and recognition as other parents," they said. "It means that they will know that their government views us as equals under the law."

Thanks to the Delaware Senate, Jon and Rob's son will know that their family is viewed as equal by the government of the state they call home.