Debunking Myths: President Trump’s Ban on Transgender Service Members

An overwhelming majority – 70% of Americans – support allowing transgender Americans to serve in our nation’s armed forces

More than 13,000 transgender service members in active duty will be affected by the Trump Administration’s ban

NEW YORK – GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, today issued the following document to the media in an effort to help debunk the outrageous and discredited myths about transgender Americans who wish to openly serve and protect the freedoms of the United States. 

From questioning a person’s readiness to issuing a false claim about the cost of having a transgender service member, the Trump Administration continues to placate to anti-LGBTQ activists who wish nothing but to roll back LGBTQ acceptance across the nation.







Trump’s ban is only a “partial ban” on transgender Americans – some can still serve.



The so-called “Mattis Plan” was designed to prevent future transgender Americans from enlisting.


Once the 13,000 active trans service members either retire or leave service, no other transgender individuals will be permitted to serve according to their true gender identity.




It’s expensive to have a transgender American to serve our nation. 



According to the RAND Corporation, medical costs for transgender service members reaches a maximum of $8.4 million. This is only 0.1% of the Pentagon’s projected 2020 budget. 




Allowing transgender Americans to serve would affect overall military readiness.



RAND also estimates that only 0.1% of trans service members would need the kind of health care that would disrupt their ability to immediately serve. 



Transgender service members are seeking “special” accommodations.



During a subcommittee hearing, trans service members confirm they do not wish to have special treatment




Not only has GLAAD condemned the administration’s attempt to prevent transgender Americans from serving the United States, but GLAAD also supported the production and publicity of TransMilitary, a documentary which tells the stories about the brave trans soldiers currently our country. GLAAD presented a copy of the documentary to every member of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Military Personnel ahead of the subcommittee’s hearing on the topic on February 27. TransMilitary is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

The Trump Administration’s ban on transgender service members are a part of the more than 100 attacks the administration has made against LGBTQ Americans in policy or rhetoric since 2017. To see the entire list of attacks on Trump’s attacks on LGBTQ Americans and for more information on GLAAD’s Trump Accountability Project, go to