Days of our Lives: Sonny and Will Kiss

Slightly over a year ago Sonny Kiriakis was coming out to the town of Salem and like sand through the hourglass, a lot has happened on Days of our Lives.  The first out character on the soap was later joined by Will Horton who slowly came to terms with his own orientation.  Since then, the two of them have been slowly drawn to one another, and today will share an on-screen kiss.

While technically the two had their first kiss last month on the NBC soap, Will panicked and ran away.  This time around, the heartfelt moment is shared by both.  A video of their kiss was released through TV Guide yesterday.

It seems like just yesterday the historically conservative soap was adding a gay character, but since then the storylines of Sonny and Will earned the program a GLAAD Media Award and fans have rallied behind them.  While the two actors accepted the award in San Francisco, Chandler Massey said “Hopefully sometime soon […] playing a gay character on a soap opera will be kind of a non-event.  Well maybe not like a complete non-event but it will be as big of a deal as, I don’t know, faking your own death, or getting possessed by the devil, or finding out you’re a robot, or something like that.”

Days of our Lives has come a long way this past year and introducing a gay characters was a big step for the 47 years old soap.  But as time passes by, it seems gay characters are now an integral part of the town of Salem and Will and Sonny will hopefully share a long romance.  At least until one of them has to fake his own death.  Days of our Lives airs at 1:00pm on NBC.

And now that Sonny and Will are on the list of same-sex couples on soaps, which is your favorite gay or lesbian couple in the genre? Answer below in the comments!