Daughtry releases new LGBTQ-inclusive video for his song “As You Are”

Daughtry just released the video for his song “As You Are” from his 2018 album, Cage to Rattle.

Throughout the video, Daughtry is seen spending time with his wife and children, while other scenes focus on love between diverse couples and families, including several LGBTQ people. The rainbow flag - a symbol of the LGBTQ community - is also displayed at various times throughout the video, a clear message of support to the community. Daughtry’s song “As You Are” promotes messages of love, inclusion, and acceptance, with lyrics such as, “You can come out of the shadows/They only scared of what they don't know/But I love you as you are.”

In speaking about the video, Daughtry told Billboard: "We wanted to depict as much unconditional love as we could fit into three minutes and 40 seconds. We wanted people to feel the love when they watch." He continued, “This song is for everyone who feels different, alone, misunderstood, or unloved in any way. It’s about accepting someone with an open heart for who they fully are without conditions. Without prejudice. We should all strive to relinquish our judgement against one another and lift each other up."

During Pride month in June, Daughtry was a headlining performer at GLAAD + Ty Herndon’s Concert for Love & Acceptance in Nashville, Tennessee. On the red carpet, Billboard spoke to Daughtry about why celebrating Pride and performing at the event were so important to him: “We just came out with a called ‘As You Are’...It’s about just love. It’s about unconditional love. It’s about embracing everyone as a human race. I feel like everyone deserves the right to feel accepted and loved for who they are.”