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GLAAD and NCAVP stand with Atlanta LGBT Community to Condemn Atlanta Anti-Gay Beating

GLAAD is standing with members of Atlanta’s LGBT community to demand that the beating of an openly gay African-American man be investigated thoroughly and properly and that the media shine more light on the real threat of violence LGBT people of color face simply trying to walk the streets of their communities. Read More

#StandUpForEllen & Thank J.C. Penney for Making The Right Choice

Last week, retail giant J.C. Penney announced a new partnership with America's favorite talk-show host, Ellen DeGeneres. Now, however, the anti-gay group "One Million Moms" – a project of the designated hate group, American Family Association– has launched a campaign demanding that the retailer fire Ellen simply because she's gay. Read More

GLAAD in Action at 24th Annual Creating Change Conference

Last week GLAAD staff members, along with thousands of LGBT advocates from across the country, and even the world, convened in Baltimore, Maryland for National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change Confer

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LGBT and Ally Groups Observe National GSA Day

Today, equality advocates across the country are celebrating the first National Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Day. A project of the Iowa Pride Network (IPN), the day is meant to stregnthen the bond between LGBT people and straight allies and encourage students to start GSAs and schools and colleges to support them.Read More

New Campaign Promotes Fairness for All NC Families

All loving and committed couples should be allowed to take care of and provide for the people they love.

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GQ Apologizes After Homophobic Tweet

One might think a men's fashion magazine would have higher standards than to reduce itself to tired 1960's stereotypes to insult gay people but unfortunately GQ proves that isn't always the case.Read More

Cal Thomas Attacks LGBT Community In Wake of Penn State Scandal

UPDATE: Tribune Media has now apologized for a column, in which Cal Thomas used the Penn State child abuse scandal to make misleading claims against lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals, based on false and outdated stereotypes. Read More

Another Transphobic Headline from NY Post

The New York Post yesterday ran a story discussing criticism of Chaz Bono for his recent comments about his transition, but referred to Chaz and Stephen Ira, the transgender son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, as “she-men.”Read More
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