Posts by Daryl Hannah, Director of Media and Community Partnerships

Protect Your Vote #VotingWhileTrans

Every #LGBT and ally vote is necessary this election. With marriage equality on the ballot in four states and numerous other local measures impacting LGBT families on ballots around the country, it's important for everyone to protect your right to vote. Read More

East Aurora School District Announces New Committee to Address All-Inclusive Anti-Bullying Policies

The East Aurora School District that granted then rescinded protections for transgender students, today, announced the formation of a new committee to address creating an all-inclusive anti-bullying and harassment policy. Read More

President Obama Embraces Marriage Equality in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota

President Obama today announced his continued support for marriage equality by endorsing the four key marriage races: Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington. Read More

Spirit Day Ambassador Katy Butler Calls on Presidential Candidates to "Go Purple" on Oct. 19

Spirit Day Ambassador Katy Butler calls on President Obama and former Governor Romney to wear purple on Spirit Day. Read More

NCTE Launches New "Voting While Trans" PSA Series Featuring Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Kit Yan & Other Trans Advocates

This year as many as 25,000 Transgender Americans face being denied the right to vote or having their vote discounted because of new strict photo-ID laws. Visit to find out how you can register to vote and protect yourself this November. Read More

DC Launches Groundbreaking #TransRespect Campaign

Today, our nation's capital kicked off a campaign to urge respect toward trans and gender non conforming resident's of the district. Read More

GLAAD Hosts National People of Color Media Institute in Los Angeles

GLAAD Concludes 2012 National People of Color Media Institute Training Series. Read More

GLAAD Wraps Up New York People of Color Media Institute

GLAAD readies LGBT and ally people of color to share their story with the media and gears up for the Los Angeles training. Read More
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