Posts by Daryl Hannah, Director of Media and Community Partnerships

Breaking A Taboo: "You Are Not Alone" Documentary Spotlights Depression Among Black Gay Men

A new documentary from NAACP Image Award winner Stanley Bennett Clay and Guyanese-born double NYABJ Award winner, journalist and national gay mental health activist Antoine B.Craigwell, spotlights depression among Black men and Black gay men. Read More

Guest Post: Coming Out As Trans

Coming out as trans is a difficult process for many individuals. In this post, Deen, a trans man originally from a Connecticut, shares his story about coming out as a brown trans-identified person. Read More

Guest Post: Transgender Veterans and Their Gender Markers

Despite the lifting of the so-called 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy, transgender veterans still face challenges receiving proper acknowledgement and treatment for their service. In this post, transgender veteran Autumn Sandeen shares her trailblazing story about being among the first to update her gender marker with the VA. Read More

The LGBT Community Mourns the Loss of Activist Brandon Lacy Campos

Community activist and writer Brandon Lacy Campos was found dead on Friday, prompting an outpouring of support from the LGBT community. Read More

Janet Mock to be Honored at Sylvia Rivera Law Project's 10th Anniversary Celebration

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project celebrates 10 years of service to loc income trans communities and trans communities of color by honoring New York City based activists who are fighting for equality. Read More

Voter Intimidation: Know Your Rights, Tell Your Story

Revised voter laws and closed polling places may present challenges for LGBT people and allies trying to vote. If you experience voter intimidation, it's important to know your rights and protect your vote! Read More

Don't Know Where to Vote? Find Out.

Hurricane Sandy has caused several polling sites to close or be relocated. Click here to find out where and how you can protect your right to vote. Read More

Anti-LGBT Group 'Truth the Vote' Targets Transgender Voters

Despite national attention on voter suppression, transgender voters still face unprecedented efforts to thwart their right to vote come Tuesday. Read More
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