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Veterans Day: Saluting Our Troops While Pushing for More Equality

Today, GLAAD joins the country in saluting the millions of military veterans who work to ensure that America remains a safe place for everyone to actualize their hopes and dreams.

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Broward County Becomes First FL County to Enact Equal Benefits Ordinance

Companies with at least five employees that also have county contracts that meet or exceed $100,000 must offer domestic partner benefits equal to those offered to married couples, according to a new ordinance approved by the Broward County Council.Read More

Story to Watch: Florida Media Should Tell the Full Story of Anti-LGBT Teacher Jerry Buell

The Florida teacher who posted anti-marriage messages to Facebook is taking his anti-gay rhetoric to the national stage. Jerry Buell, a currently employed public high school teacher at Mouth Dora High School, is known for taunting his students for their actual or perceived sexual orientation. Now he’s being featured in an anti-LGBT advertisement that undermines the relationships of gay and lesbian couples.Read More

Honor Jamey Rodemeyer: Share Anti-Bullying Messaging

By now you may have heard about the unfortunate passing of 14-year-old J

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GLAAD in Action: AJC Changes Transphobic Article

Last week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, daily circulation 190,000, printed the story of “D,” a 7-year-old transgender boy who was being refused to use the boy’s restroom at his south Georgia elementary school.Read More

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