Posts by Daryl Hannah, Director of Media and Community Partnerships

Bayli Silberstein: Florida Teen Continues to Push for GSA

Bayli Silberstein continues her fight to make sure all students at Carver Middle School are protected from anti-gay bullying. Her school board is considering getting rid of all student clubs in elementary and middle schools.Read More

Mississippi Newspaper Defends Covering Lesbian Wedding

Mississippi newspaper owner Jim Cegielski defends the Laurel Leader-Call's decision to print a story about a lesbian wedding, despite harassing emails and phone calls and cancellations. Read More

Gay Will Never Be The New Black: What James Baldwin Taught Me About My White Privilege

Mainstream gay culture privileges the white narrative, and it does so at the expense of its own legitimacy. Read More

Guest Post: 5 Queer Authors to Celebrate during Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month here are 5 queer authors every reader should add to their list. Read More

GLAAD Observes 13th National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Today GLAAD stands in solidarity with those working to end the HIV/AIDS epidermic in observance of National Black HIV/AIDS DayRead More

Guest Post: Award-Winning African Artist Shishani Defies Gay Stereotypes and Makes History

Being LGBT is still illegal in many African countries. Nimibian artist Shishani discusses the importance of being an out lesbian musician and her new single "Minority" which calls for LGBT equality. Read More

AOL Jobs Tackles Workplace Protections for LGBT Employees

AOL Jobs tackles employment protections for LGBT employees during this weeks' "Lunchtime Live". Watch what as these experts discuss the future of the workforce. Read More

GLAAD Celebrates Black History Month Honoring LGBT African Americans

While February was declared Black History Month to recognize the many accomplishments and contributions of all African Americans, the lives of black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people are often left out of the picture. During the month of February GLAAD will pay special homage to the leaders who have paved the way to make the world a better place for LGBT Americans, especailly African-Americans and other people of color. Read More
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