Daisy Hernandez reflects on Bisexual Awareness Week

Journalist Daisy Hernandez, an out bisexual woman of Colombian and Cuban heritage just released a new memoir, A Cup of Water Under My Bed, that's getting strong reviews. Hernandez, who's written for the New York Times, was profiled in Huffington Post Latino Voices. GLAAD reached out to her about Bisexual Awareness Week and asked her to reflect on what this week means to her.

"As a Latina who is bisexual and also an author and journalist, I believe bi women and men have historically been erased from conversations in Spanish language media and in our community. Most of us, for example, have to end up in women's studies to find out Frida Kahlo was bi and we still face that stigma that we are either confused or loose. That said, I'm excited about the increasing coverage in the English language media about bisexuals this past year and I'm excited for that to happen in the Spanish language press too. "