Dad in JC Penney Ad Talks About His Ultimate Father's Day Gift

Cooper Smith Koch might be better known to most of Americans as the 'gay dad on the right' in JCPenney's ad featuring Cooper's family. With just a simple photo of his family, Cooper started a national dialogue about gay parents and the inclusion of gay images in advertising today.

Cooper is working with GLAAD to speak out about how the ad has impacted his family in media outlets like CNN and in a Father's Day post on Huffington Post Gay Voices.

He spoke out about the huge amount of support that his family received after the ad ran in JCPenney's catalogue:

To our surprise, the response has been overwhelmingly positive -- shockingly positive, in fact! We've received hundreds of emails, Facebook posts, Twitter comments, and cards in the mail from everyone from long-lost friends and classmates to complete strangers in remote parts of the United States and beyond, each filled with heartfelt sentiments of support and acceptance.

Cooper also writes about his ultimate Father's Day gift:

Personally, it's warmed our hearts and renewed our faith that most Americans are fair-minded people, and that there's a hell of a lot more love out there for families like ours than we ever knew.

Click here to read his full post on Huffington Post Gay Voices and be sure to leave your best wishes for his family on Father's Day below!