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Allen West attacks GSAs: "Welcome to the new intolerant, fascist, radical America"

Florida Republican and anti-gay activist Allen West explains how teachers use classrooms as "breeding grounds" for gay agendas.Read More

LGBT youth push boundaries and spark progress toward equality

Jessica Urbina of #JessicasTux received a formal apology from her high school for removing her photo from the yearbook, and Nasir Fleming became the first gay male prom queen in the history of his Connecticut high school.Read More

Help the the Tides Foundation create safe spaces for LGBTQ youth

The Safe Spaces Project sponsored by the Tides Foundation is located in College Park, Maryland and aims to create welcoming environments where LGBTQ youth can grow.Read More

Charles Van Zant says standardized tests would "turn children gay"

A video has gone viral in which Representative Charles Van Zant of Keystone Heights, Florida remarks that the American Institutes for Research will "turn children gay."Read More

GLAAD asks principal Nancy Matteo how a photo of Ellen DeGeneres on a prom invitation could be "completely wrong"

A Catholic school in Bucks County, Pennsylvania apologized to students and parents for picturing Ellen DeGeneres on an eighth grade graduation dance invitation.Read More

Music video supports Ali Forney Center and generates awareness about homeless LGBT youth

Homeless LGBT survivors created a music video "Where You're Sleeping Tonight" to support the Ali Forney Center and raise awareness about homelessness and violence.Read More

Issues arise for some LGBT youth as the school year draws to a close

Every spring as the school year comes to a end, young adults in the LGBT community face obstacles.Read More

VIDEO: California mayor reacts tastelessly to anti-bullying proposal

During a recent city council meeting held to discuss the possibility of bully-free safe zones, Mayor Cameron Hamilton of Porterville, California caused quite a bit of controversy.Read More
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