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VIDEO: Wilson High exceeds expectations with counter-protest against WBC

WBC promised to protest Wilson High School for holding a Pride Day, but the students and faculty showed their spirit couldn't be stifled.Read More

Want advice from a school counselor? Here are 99 sites to visit! published a list of 99 pages dedicated to school counseling, and we encourage you to take a look!Read More

VIDEO: Lucky Charms cereal is celebrating LGBT Pride Month with #LuckyToBe Campaign

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, Lucky Charms cereal has launched its #LuckyToBe campaign, which encourages people to share what makes them colorful and why they feel lucky to be living in a colorful world.Read More

PHOTOS: GLAAD's Los Angeles staff also demands #JusticeForJane

The GLAAD staff in Los Angeles joins the #JusticeForJane campaign and shares their reasons why.Read More

PHOTOS: Many gather to rally for homeless youth in Washington Square Park

Yesterday evening, people of all ages and backgrounds congregated at Washington Square Park for the LGBT Rally for Homeless Youth, which kicked off the National Campaign for Youth Shelter.Read More

GLAAD's Ross Murray included in Mashable's list of LGBT advocates to follow on Twitter

Yesterday, Mashable, a leading source for digital news, information and resources, released a list of 10 LGBT-rights activists to follow on Twitter... and one of GLAAD's very own made the list!Read More

Blogger Glennon Melton has the best response to the Westboro Baptist Church

Internet blogger and esteemed author Glennon Melton vows to donate to GLAAD every time the Westboro Baptist Church comes up on her radar.Read More

VIDEO: One family's beautiful support of their trans son Ryland

Ryland Whittington is a six-year-old transgender boy who has become a YouTube sensation due to the heartwarming video that his parents uploaded, which tells the story of his life and transition.Read More
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