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VIDEO: Ugandan LGBT advocate Frank Mugisha says allies change public perception

This week on GLAAD's video series, GLAAD: All Access, host Claire Pires talked with Ugandan LGBT advocate Frank Mugisha about who changes the public perception of LGBT people in Uganda.Read More

GLAAD @ Work: #SouthernStories, Christina Canales Gorczynski, Empire, and more

GLAAD's Weekly Update on News, Entertainment and Online Media. To subscribe, click here.Read More

All Access: Eric Schaeffer & Michelle Hendley talk transgender love story

Boy Meets Girl star Michelle Hendley and director Eric Schaeffer talk transgender love story.Read More

Big Freedia: "When straight guys come up to me to tell me they like the show, I know things are changing"

Big Freedia says South is more LGBT-inclusive and talks new dramatic season of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce.Read More

VIDEO: Southern conservative mother of transgender daughter talks acceptance

This week, GLAAD: All Access host Claire Pires interviewed Debi Jackson, a Southern conservative mother of a transgender daughter, about acceptance.Read More
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