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Emma Watson delivers passionate speech about gender equality and feminism for the U.N.

Emma Watson receives a standing ovation after giving a passionate speech about feminism and gender equality for the U.N.'s new "HeForShe" campaign.Read More

GLAAD Link - your daily round-up of LGBT news, September 22, 2014

Today's top LGBT news headlines. For more news updated throughout the day, visit More

India gets its first transgender TV news anchor

Padmini Prakash has become the first transgender news anchor in India's history.Read More

90 year-old adorable lesbian couple talk marriage after 72-year relationship

Vivian Boyack, 91, and Nonie Dubes, 90, have been together for seventy-two years, and they just got married this month. The Des Moines Register captured their adorable story on camera.Read More

Parents of trans kids candidly speak to Brynn Tannehill about their experiences

Trans advocate Brynn Tannehill interviewed parents of transgender children and unveiled similar patterns among the families. Read More

VIDEO: Transgender advocate Brynn Tannehill's passionate and powerful speech for 2014 TransPride Pittsburgh

Trans advocate Brynn Tannehill used her own personal struggle to emphasize the importance of acceptance within the trans community at the 2014 TransPride Pittsburgh National Conference.Read More

Roman Catholic Bishop says LGBT church worker firings need to be "rectified;" Pro-LGBT ministry responds

When Boston's Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley became the first bishop to publicly denounce the recent church worker firings for LGBT-related reasons saying the firings need to be "rectified," the New Ways Ministry's Bob Shine became hopeful. Read More
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