On the cover

MundoHispanico, the largest Spanish-language newspaper in Georgia put a Latino gay male couple on its cover.  This was made possible by the work of photographer/graphic editor Alejandro Garay and reporter Alberto Brown Rodriguez. 

MundoHispanico reaches 200,000 readers in the Metro-Atlanta area and many more online.  The couple profiled are both community advocates and were married in Queens, NY.   They are now working through the laborious process of regularizing the immigration status of one partner as a result of the DOMA decision last year.  Georgia is one of the many southern states that has seen a rise in recent years of its undocumented population according to a Pew report.  The state banned same-sex marriage in 2004 and does not have any protections for LGBT workers. 

How great, then, that a large Latino publication has on its cover a loving couple whose entwined hands and smiles will do a lot to reinforce the messages in the article about the stil to be won fights for immigration reform, ENDA passage, access to health care, and housing and the other issues that impact so many of our lives. 

You can read the article in Spanish here.