"Connected": New documentary web series capturing the lives of New Yorkers seeks cast members

AOL is teaming up with Israeli producer Ram Landes to produce Connected, an innovative documentary web series that captures the lives of five strangers for six months. Unlike  most so-called reality TV shows, Connected has no camera crew; the lives of each cast member is filmed by the cast member themselves, creating an intimate, personal portrait of the individual's life. Because the show is currently seeking cast members, one of those individuals can be you as an LGBTQ person or ally.

Check out the trailer below:

Connected + Trailer from Armoza Formats on Vimeo.

Connected already has a huge international following, as it currently airs in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Holland, India, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania and Ukraine. "The show has been awarded Israel's 'Best l Documentary Series' three times and is one of its highest-rated cable TV series ever," according to AOL. One Isreali castmember, actor, and comedian Nadav Abercassis even recorded his coming out on the show, as shown in the trailer above.

This is the first time that the Connected will be capturing the lives of Americans, and the series is currently seeking applications to become cast members. AOL's casting info can be read below:

This innovative documentary series aims to capture American life through the eyes of five extraordinary New Yorkers.  Exploring the theme of "family," producers will give these five individuals a camera to document their lives over the course of six months, revealing the individual and deeply personal connections that create the larger story of who we are as a society. 

Producers are seeking New Yorkers of all backgrounds and personalities to film a video diary of their lives for approximately six months.  They should appear to be 25-45 years old, live and/or work in NYC and be comfortable on-camera.  They should possess experience and a deep desire to document their unique life stories in a narrative manner, and share them in an articulate way with a captivated audience.  They should be clever and expressive and have the passion to be part of a unique creation.  They should also be active in social media or have clients &/or friends with a strong web presence!  We’re especially interested in YouTube vloggers, choreographers, radio DJs, comedians, writers, photographers, chefs, bloggers, restaurateurs and start-up entrepreneurs.     

To apply to be on the show or just to learn more about it, please email us at Connected.NYC@aol.com.