VIDEO: Congressman Jerrold Nadler: Marriage equality is inevitable

United States Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) spoke out in support of marriage equality today at the United for Marriage rally in New York City, saying that marriage for same-sex couples is "inevitable." Watch Congressman Nadler's remarks below:Binary Data HTJlNV-BM9w

"We're here today to voice our unwavering support for Edie Windsor and for the rights for all Americans to marry whoever they choose, whoever they love," said Rep. Nadler. "The progress in this is inexorable and inevitable. It's our job not to relax noting its inevitability. It's our job to redouble our efforts so that it's not only inevitable but immediate, so that people today can enjoy the benefits of equality and liberty."

GLAAD is actively working with the Respect for Marriage Coalition, as well as with the United for Marriage Coalition. We are working to elevate the voices of same-sex couples across the nation in order to build support for marriage equality. It is time for our nation's highest court to ensure that same-sex couples are treated fairly under the law - and we need you to help make that happen.

Join GLAAD and our United for Marriage coalition partners in Washington DC for a rally outside of the Supreme Court at 8:30am ET on March 26 and 27.

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If you can’t make it to DC, check out our map of events happening around the country and find the one in your community! Don't see one? Click here to register your own.

United for Marriage is also hosting two faith-specific events on March 26:

An interfaith prayer service, “A Prayer for Love and Justice” will take place at 7:30 AM on Tuesday, March 26 at Lutheran Church of the Reformation (a few blocks from the court). You are invited to come to this multi-faith celebration and join the procession out of the church to the rally on the steps of the Supreme Court.  RSVP to attend here.

A Seder, “Parting the Waters: A Seder for Love, Liberation and Justice" will be held at 5:30 PM on March 26 at the Human Rights Campaign (1640 Rhode Island Ave).    This date not only marks the second day of Passover but also the Prop 8 challenge before the Supreme Court.  All are welcome to close their eventful day with this multi-faith, multi-racial, intergenerational celebration.  Register and get your tickets here.

This is a historic moment in the equality movement, and we hope you can participate in an event to show your support. Let's give people hope and create lasting change by using the voice of the people!


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