Congratulations to Rev. David Weekley, Northwest Gender Alliance's Man of the Year

United Methodist minister and transgender advocate David Weekley was honored with the Northwest Gender Alliance’s inaugural “Man of the Year” award, in recognition of the outstanding contributions made to Portland’s transgender community by Trans-Masculine individuals.

Northwest Gender Alliance has been presenting “Woman of the Year” awards since the 1990’s, and this year added a “Man of the Year” award to their recognitions. Rev. Weekley has the additional honor of having the award named after him. The award will now be formally known as the “David Weekley Man of the Year” Award.

David Weekly came out as a transgender man in 2009. At the time, he had served his Portland congregation for 30 years.  Since then he has been a tireless advocate for LGBT inclusion in The United Methodist Church, using his own life as an example of what a faithful transgender Methodist man looks like. He writes for Reconciling Ministries Network, as well on his own blog, and even a book, In from the Wilderness.

David and, and his wife, Deborah, currently both live and study in Boston. Deborah, has also been a visible advocate, writing about her experience as the spouse of a transgender man and standing alongside David in the work of inclusion in The United Methodist Church.

GLAAD congratulates David Weekly on this honor and celebrates with him as the Man of the Year!