Congratulations to Isis King on Being The Huffington Post's LGBT History Month Icon of the Day

As LGBT History Month comes to a close, The Huffington Post named trans advocate Isis King as their icon of the day.  King first appeared as a background model for a photo shoot on America’s Next Top Model.  Tyra Banks noticed her and asked her to audition for the 11th cycle of The CW program.  She was cast and has since been an outspoken advocate for the transgender community.

Through her television appearances on America’s Next Top Model and in subsequent interviews, Isis always took the opportunity to tell her story, informing the public about her life as a transgender woman, notably speaking about being homeless and living at the Ali Forney Center for LGBT youth.  Through her perseverance, she has become one of the most visible trans models and recently became the first transgender model for the clothing giant American Apparel.

Isis, through her work and television appearances, has given the public a better understanding of transgender people and has allowed for greater visibility of the community.  GLAAD congratulates her on being named The Huffington Post’s LGBT History Month icon of the day and looks forward to the many contributions she will make in the future towards trans visibility and equality.