Congo considering an anti-LGBT law

Laws like those passed in Uganda and Nigeria are spreading across the African continent. Congo is now considering a similar anti-LGBT law. A bill proposed last December would penalize LGBT people with jail time as well as substantial fines. If the bill passes, Congo will become the 38th country in Africa to make LGBT relationships illegal. Countries that pass such draconian laws risk aid from abroad.

Uganda will lose a portion of aid from U.S. as well as other countries, because of the harsh anti-LGBT law. In 2013 the U.S. government gave an estimated $723 million in aid. Due to the brutal laws in Uganda, individuals are terrified of seeking medical help because of fear of getting arrested. If those individuals would seek any medical help from clinics ran by the government they risk being exposed as LGBT and possible jail sentence.

Other countries have also recently declared to cut down their aid to the Ugandan government. Norway, Demark and the Netherlands announced to cut down on the $27 million aid while Sweden declared to cut down $1 million in direct government-to-government aid. Living in countries that prohibit being openly out proves to be harder and harder for the LGBT individuals. Due to the draconian laws in their countries, many seek political asylums in countries where being LGBT is much more accepted.