Commentator Accountability Project subjects greet election results with predictable fire and brimstone

As one might expect, those monitored by GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project had much to say about Tuesday's election—and much of if it was viciously anti-LGBT. But perhaps even more startling than just the expectedly anti-LGBT tone is the fact that the vast majority of them are now taking the position that our President and his supporters are godless heathens who must be suffered through and prayed about, rather than cooperated with.

Here now, a roundup of some of the worst.


--Jennifer Roback Morse:

Said "There isn’t any future in sodomy"


--Jim Garlow:

Used his own wife's cancer as an analogy for post-election America, claiming "America has stage four cancer":


--Bryan Fischer:

We could be here all day tracking the various and sundry ways Bryan condemned the President, his supporters, and those who voted for marriage equality. This tweet sums up the gist of his response:

Bryan also suggested we literally split the country in half.


--Harry Jackson:

Here are just a few of the barrage of tweets from the prominent Maryland activist, all of which pit God against Obama voters:


He also joined his boss Mat Staver in a series of webcasts that declare our nation to now be sick.


--Tony Perkins:

On marriage (and a potential Civil War?):

"I don't think you can violate natural law and force Americans to recognize it as morally right."; colleague then called for civil disobedience [SOURCE]

"look, you can make it legal, but you can never made it morally right.” [SOURCE]

"If the court steps in at this could have a—I hate to use the word, but I mean—a revolt, a revolution.  I think you could see Americans saying, 'you know what, enough of this,' and I tihnk it could just explode and break this nation apart." [SOURCE]


--Brian Brown:

In addition to NOM's expected spin about their bruising defeats, Brian went on the talk show of the viciously anti-LGBT Janet Mefferd and called on Christians to stand up even more against LGBT people and families:


--Mat Staver:

"The event we have just witnessed was far more than a general election – it was a referendum on the soul of America. We grieve today like we have lost a friend or a close relative. Millions of Americans looked evil in the eye and adopted it. Some Christian observers called the Democratic Party platform for 2012 a “Romans 1 Platform,” and they were right. Abortion, same-sex marriage, and immorality carried the day.

The great values on which America was founded were set aside because of selfishness unbalanced by biblical truth and commitment to Jesus Christ. Race and ethnicity overrode values. The America we love is sick and needs renewal and healing. Under these circumstances, it is okay to grieve. But, after we have grieved, we must press forward.

God is not through with our nation! God calls us to remain faithful, no matter the consequences.

We might be a Bonhoeffer in Nazi Germany who never lived to see the fruit of his faithful labor. We might be a Wilberforce in England who saw the fruit of his labor (the abolition of slavery and reformation of morals), but died soon after, never getting the chance to enjoy the results. We might even be a David who stood up against popular opinion and defeated a giant who blasphemed God Almighty. No matter what our lot might be, we are called to be faithful!

We have a higher calling than the world. Our calling and our values do not depend on a survey or an election. Whether we are on the verge of revival or are soon to face the death chamber makes no difference in how we respond or how we act. Our obedience is to Christ and to Christ alone!

The world hated Jesus, and it is no surprise the world hates the followers of Christ. But, be of good cheer! The Lord Jesus Christ has overcome the world and is seated on His throne. Without Christ we are nothing. We are lost and have no hope. And although I grieve for a season, yet I have hope because of Christ!"


--Tim Wildmon:

"The blue states are where they don't go to church" [SOURCE]

"A tragic night" [SOURCE]

"Secular Jews don't like Christianity"; claims it reminds them of Naziism and this is why they vote Democratic [SOURCE]


--Peter LaBarbera:

"...there is no sugar-coating how damaging Obama's reelection will be to this already depraved nation.

Tuesday's "gay" victories were abetted by an unofficial Republican Party strategy that eschews discussion of "social issues." Yet even as GOP elites recoiled from the cultural battles over abortion and "gay rights," homosexual militants pressed more aggressively than ever for their goal of using government power to force acceptance of their aberrant lifestyle.
Who are we kidding? This titanic fight has always been about homosexuality, not just "defending marriage." We need to stop conceding the moral high ground in a fearful bid to appear "tolerant": one pro-family group, Protect Marriage Maine, asserted that "same-sex couples are entitled to respect" -- a claim at odds with historic Scriptural teaching. While Christians should respect all persons as made in God's image, we must never "respect" behaviors and relationships grounded in sexual sin.

The normalization of homosexuality, which God calls an abomination, is one of the most amazing marketing stories of our age. It is also a big business: the "gay" Human Rights Campaign spent $20 million this election cycle. Nevertheless, every homosexual triumph is a Pyrrhic victory because it elevates a destructive and immoral perversion to the realm of noble-sounding "civil rights."

Those committed to defending God's wonderful design of male-female human sexuality and offering the hope of the Gospel to homosexual strugglers must not grow weary in well-doing. Shame on Christians if our commitment to defending Truth pales in comparison to the zeal of "gay" activists in defending their lies." [SOURCE]


--Jim Daly:

"It's time to rededicate ourselves to the mission of the moment: to rebuild the American family and renew our hope in the God in whose hands we rest, "safe and secure from all alarm."

It's time to continue our effort to make sure that every person, however small, is protected under law. It's time to again remind those who support abortion that life is the better choice! It's time to recommit ourselves to championing adoption and reforming a broken foster care system. It's time to be bold and stand stiffly into the wind of popular culture and point to the extraordinary benefits of children being raised in homes with one mom and one dad.

Simply put, it's time to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

No vote, however contentious or disappointing, can weaken the foundation of my Christian faith as I strive to serve families

That President Obama has won re-election comes as a source of great disappointment to many because of his campaign to support abortion and same sex marriage. These are policies which many know are contrary to scripture and weaken the family."


--Gary Bauer:

An unprecedented investment in negative campaigning paid off for Barack Obama, said former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, "which I predict will tarnish his place in history and lead to further alienation and cynicism." [SOURCE]


--Scott Lively:

"It’s official, the 2012 presidential election is over and we Americans decided not to downshift into Republican. Instead its now full speed ahead toward the progressive’s Godless Utopian fantasy (aka “the cliff”) with Mr. Obama and the Evil Party."

"The better or worse news (depending on your theology) is that the age of apostasy is more clearly upon us, which means that the return of Christ is drawing near."


--Joseph Farah:

"For those of us who fundamentally reject Obama’s policies, things are going to get very rough for the next four years. We have allowed our fellow Americans to pronounce judgment on the nation.

That’s what Obama represents to me – God’s judgment on a people who have turned away from Him and His ways and from everything for which our founders sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor."

"Only a miracle can save us – and we need to humble ourselves before God and pray hard for one."


--Michael Brown:

"Now, with the most radical pro-abortion, pro-gay-activist president in our history elected to a second term, we will not deceive ourselves into looking to the White House for help (although we should pray fervently for God to get hold of him and turn his heart).

Instead, we must give ourselves to personal and corporate repentance, to faith-filled, persistent prayer for revival and awakening, to a renewed commitment to preach the gospel without shame and compromise, and to an unshakable resolve to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world."


"Our watered-down, barely recognizable “gospel” has produced disastrous fruit and our pitiful attempt to become relevant to the world by becoming like the world (not in terms of cultural sensitivity but in terms of moral and spiritual compromise) has failed miserably. We must have a spiritual awakening coupled with the restoration of the real gospel message. It truly is a matter of revival or we die." [SOURCE]

(More surely to come in the next few days; we'll add them as we get them)


Look, I'm not going to pretend like LGBT advocates have sat quiety after elections that we have lost.  But this is something different.  The same commentator class that so regularly appears in the media to condemn our civil rights is now, virtually to a person, framing our President's reelction as a war on God.  We should not pretend that it is just politicking as usual.  It is far more dangerous.